best cash for cars Inc. is a business which moves the concentration on community services and expands free of charge car removal services based on green-oriented models. As the gold aim in mind, Our work meets high standards in the process of wrecking.

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A win-win game for unwanted car sellers

best cash for cars Inc. as a free unwanted car removal service is located in Brisbane and accepts all makes, models, types including manual, automatic, diesel or unleaded. We disregard age and condition of the cars as they will be disposed to bring money back to Australia. Thus, we purchase even vehicles which miss major parts including engine. Our vast network of old car dealers makes it possible for us to buy your used autos all around Australia. Let us buy your unwated car now!

Our services comprise buying of junk car, wrecked, accident-related damaged and scrap ones with free removals in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich and other remote cities in Queensland or Australia. We don’t limit our services to merely purchasing and removing of the small cars, we also handle vans, utes, trucks, SUVs, 4x4s or any other vehicles including motorcycle and even forklifts. Just send us the message! using the form at the bottom of each page!
We disregard whether they are moving currently or not.

Our commitment leans on assisting south east Queensland car owners providing a quick but convenient vehicle removal which leaves the best cash in pockets at home garage.
As a matter of fact, Our cash for cars approach is really simple but convenient and efficient. We are proud that we have bought many unwanted cars with the highest quality and honesty while we have provided top money payouts.

Dear customers you can receive a free quick cash offer based on your vehicle. In fact, we relieve any hassle involved and avoid haggling or bargain. Instead of considering our profit, we care about you as well. You may finally accept our offered quote as it is really competitive. Let us give you a suggestion right now!
Call us Today for a Free quote and consultation [ ]. You can also Request an Instant quote as a Cash Offer either during conversation or via Our form!.

That’s fabulous to own a car, vehicle, truck, van utes or yeah 4X4 SUVs. However when it comes the time to sell it, the hassle begins. This will be more disappointing if the car is broken ,damaged or it is to be wrecked off.
Disregarding the condition either broken or seriously damaged, best cash for cars Inc. have removed the hassle involved in selling. Owners can call us regarding selling of their vehicle which can be torn a part, idle in the garage or stopped forever.
Our sales team will then come to your address and pay you in cash and subsequently remove it free of charge leaving payments in your pockets here in Queensland or Australia wide.
We buy, sell, reuse and also wreck various makes and models which is what we have been doing for years. For some of the vehicles we even pay up to $10,000 (Australian) at the customer's location.

So if you want to sell your unwanted car please do one of the followings:

  • please talk to us on the
  • or simply send us a message regarding your car and get an instant quote!


best cash for cars Inc. is a customer-friendly sales team for unwanted or damaged vehicles. We also provide wrecking services. We have more than eight years of conversance with unwanted, damaged, old and scrap car dealership beside wrecking industry.
We are committed to provide win-win opportunity which assures high cash payments for our customers. We buy their unwanted vehicles, vans, 4X4 SUVs, trucks and remove them free of charge. Instead of pretending to buy an unwanted car with a price of a new car, we ensure that the highest amount of cash will be paid for your unwanted car at your door step.
We cover all suburbs of south east Queensland (QLD) comprising big cities like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Logan with the highest level of efficiency and support. We provide both cash and free car removals at your determined venue. We may even pay you up to thousands of dollars but as mentioned it should grant both sides the true opportunity.

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Cars we buy

We buy any vehicle in any condition!

Broken Engine

Out of Use, but we pay for it!


We still pay for damaged cars!

Broken Engine

Out of Use, but we pay for it!


We still pay for this

Even old vehicles

We pay in cash!

Broken Engine

Out of Use, but we pay for it!

We got a quote of 500 AUD for my broken car, best cash for cars came to my door, paid me in cash and then towed my car away, pretty best!


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